With consumers spending more than a third of their time online these days, having a robust online presence is key to making your business as successful as it can be. And the stakes get higher every day, as the pace of consumer adoption of online media continues to accelerate.

The internet provides a growing and increasingly vital opportunity for businesses to reach new and existing customers with a highly effective return on investment. By using the right techniques, you can make sure you’re effectively taking advantage of this online opportunity with digitalorange. Our team can perform a full audit of your website’s effectiveness by analyzing its usability, content, brand strategy and website performance in order to benchmark your web site against not only best practice but also against local and global competitors.

digitalorange implements digital marketing solutions based on a sound strategic foundation. We either develop an overall digital strategy for organisations or a online strategy specific to each project.

There are multiple digital marketing tools and platforms that can be used to effectively communicate your message and achieve the expected results. Careful consideration should be taken in selecting the correct platform and tools to amplify the communication/campaign.

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